Lee Edmondson Igor

Pencak Silat & Muay Boran

Lee Edmondson is the Apprentice of Guru Eka Aris Suhartanto (Aris), is an Orange Belt in Wirayudha Pencak Silat style under the direction of Guru Aris and can grade up to this level. Lee is also a 6 Dan Black Belt in Muay Thai and 12 year practitioner. Lee teaches Pencak Silat at IGOR MMA in Bondi Junction, Sydney Australia.

On 21st August 2016, Lee was a Dual Medal Winner at the Australian Pencak Silat Federation (APSF) Australian National Titles. Lee received a Silver Medal in Tanding (Fighting) in the under 65kg division and a Bronze Medal in Individual Weapons. Lee also received a Silver in Tanding (Fighting) in the under 65kg division in the 2015 APSF Australian National Titles. Lee has had several Muay Thai ring fight successes in both Australia and Thailand and has fought Pencak Silat in Indonesia and Australia. Lee recently represented Australia in the 17th Pencak Silat World Championships on 2-9 December in Bali, Indonesia.